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Lolita Christmas Parties

Happy New Year and a big time jump from june to december 2015.

Maybe I will post some pictures that were taken during this time. But not today. Today I want to write down my experiences of the two Lolita christmas parties I went to last month.

First there was the "Golden Pott" Christmas Party on december 6 which I organised with Natalie. We were on short budget as it was our first time oragnising one. We wanted to sell the tickets for not more than 20 Euros. That's why we had to watch our budget and leave some things out that we wanted to do.
The hardest thing was to get all the decoration and small gifts for only a few Euros. But it was really impressive how many things we found that were pretty and cheap. Next year we will definetly buy things online and in advance and we will get a bigger kitchen and more people to help baking cookies.

The day of the christmas party itself began in a little mess. First we were a bit late for picking up the cake, then I realised I forgot part of the decoration at home: the little christmas tree. So we had to drive back the 15 km. Then on the way to the location we got in a traffic jam which got us stuck for annother 10 Minutes or more. When I finally arrived everyone was already busy arraging the tables and the Bring&Buy.

Then the guests arrived and everything went the way it should. The party itself was great. I think everyone enjoyed themself. We took photos outside in a small improvised picture corner and chatted a lot.
I though the room was big but it was still a bit to small for so many lolitas. Furthermore the owener of the restaurand was pissed all day long. From what he said I'm guessing that he thought that he was missing out on gaining more money. I told him multiple times what we wanted to do, but he did not wanted to write it down. Next year we will definetly find another location for the event. Not only because of the owner. We would like to find a room more beautiful and which will fit the event better.

©Kari       Compfty Christmas Outfit
All in all it was a good day and I'm really looking forward to oragnising one again next year with the experiences I made, so it will be even better next time.
For my outfit I chose something comfortable with full-shiring. First I wanted to decied whether I wanted to wear either the hairband or the little bows. But then Vera said: Why not both? - I think she was right. In Lolita you can just but all the stuff you want on your head. I still have to learn that. ;D
Im not smiling on the picture, but I liked that you can see the headdress on this one. 
When Natalie and I went shipping for decoration we spontanously bought the dear I'm holding on the picture. We were queueing up to pay when Natalie found the dear. 10 seconds later we had bought it. There are also photos of me derping around with the dear but I think these pictures should stay where they are.
The cutes thing was that some of our community bought little presents for Natalie and me. They filled little christmas stockings and crafted a christmas card with group pictures of our events. We decieded to make the card a cup that wanders around everytime we meet, so Natalie and I can both enjoy it part time. In my stocking I got cange and a broach with flowers. Thank you so much! We never expected this.

Second christmas party was the Candy Day Tea Party in Seligenstadt on december 19. This time I could relax as I was only attending but still the day was too short.
© C. Rösch
We decieded to save money and drive to Seligenstadt in the morning and therefore only paying a room for one night. We took off early in the morining around 9, but not fully dressed. When we arrived we luckily could enter our room and get ready for the tea party.
I hadn't check every part of my outfit in advance and now that I see the pictures, I know I should have. For example I should have chosen the more fluffy petticoat, maybe another blouse, but it was okay. Fun fact: It was the same with my hairstuff. I brought my clips and an additonal bonnet in case I would fail with my hair. After I adjusted the clips, I was convinced to also wear the bonnet. More is more! :D I'm still not quiet sure about this though I notice everytime that it looks better when you add more details.
Furthermore I learned that fishbone braids look more full than normal braids do.

I hadn't had breakfast that day so I was worried I would stay hungry on the pary but luckily enought there was plenty of food. Maybe because some ate less but all in all I got enough of the food that was not sweet and enough of the sweet food, which was only one piece of cheese cake. The pieces were huge and I can't eat more than two pieces of cake a day. I this case only one. My dessert stomace is not that big, but my normal one is!
Enough food = happy.
© C. Rösch
While we were not eating, we looked around a bit and then wrote some valentines. I was so busy that I did not had the time to chat a lot. I will have to change that next year.

There was also a secret santa and the raffle. I got really cute stuff. A choker, a notebook, a necklace and a snow globe with a merry-go-round pony in it.
The event took place between 2 and 6 p.m. But though we stayed until about 7 p.m. it still was too short. Luckily we found two other girls from our community that were also staying the night in Seligenstadt.

While they got changed, Natalie and I just brought our stuff, removed all heavy hairdresses and then headed for the center of the little town, still in our lolita outfits.
We had planned to drink some cocktails but as it was saturday night all the locations were full. After a little walk we found a hotel next to the Main. The food sounded delicous, expensive but not unaffordable. Where I live doof food in restaurants is always expensive so I think I'm getting used to paying good money for good food. When we entered we found out that they also had a cosy bar where you could order cocktails. We decieded to stay. Later the other girls arrived. The cocktails and the food was very delicous and the evening was funny. I could also imagine staying in the hotel next time, tough I would have to save up for this. Its about 65 Euros a night. The room where we stayed was only 30. Damn, I will have to finish my masters and get a well paid job!
Obligatory cocktail selfie

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