Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sweating in the heat (Photoshooting in Hamm)

I haven't post recently because I had a lot to do with other stuff, but here it comes: My delayed post about my photoshooting in Hamm on 5th june.

© Allsvartur
When I saw a facebook post in our Lolita group about a tfp (time for pictures/prints) photoshooting, I thoguht about appling, because I haven't had photos of my lolita outfits in good quality and I really love to take pictures on meetups when I'm in the mood. So I tried and wrote an email to the photographer, not knowing if it will work out or what kind of shooting it would be. I had neither  a plan or expectations.
It took a time, until me and the photographer Oliver could agree on a date, because he planned an outdoor shooting which is far nicer in summer.
After some missunderstandings because I didn't read carefully and some changed dates, I finally drove to Hamm for the photoshooting.

I had asked in advance, what kind of photoshooting Oliver had in mind. He suggested to shoot in a small wood, near Hamm, because the light was decent there. So it was up to me to pick an matching outfit. Like every time before a meetup, I decieded what to wear on the last minute.
What made things difficult was, that the wheater forecast on the shooting day was really hot. 
The temperatures on that day rose up to 33°C.
© Allsvartur
Having the temperatures of the last days in mind, at the time im writing this, that was nothing! Not the 39°C it was last weekend (3.7.). But in full Lolita it still was not the wheater I had hoped for. At least it didn't rain!
Additional I'm regulary comfortable with hight temperature. I feel best with temperatures above 23°C, but for me it doesn't have to be above 28°C.

Thinking of the temperatures on the day of the shoot, I was reminded of one really hot meet up I had in Maastricht in summer 2013 and noticed that I haven't worn the outfit of that day for a long time, though I really like it. Furthermore I wanted to wear a rather classic and turned down outfit.
The outfit contained of a chiffonblouse without a collar, a classic jsk and light tights. 

The main problem was, that I wanted to curl my hair and wear it open. Curls in may hair usually faint as soon as the weather becomes a tiny bit wet. But with setting mouse in advance and 3 times hairspray in between and afterwards,
the curls survived the way to Hamm and the shoot.
© Allsvartur
At least most of them!
Nevertheless I'm not sure whether I want to but so many stuff in my hair before a mettup. I like my hair more, when it is natural and feels that way. Though it look better with styling products...

So fully dressed up, I took the train to Hamm. I even had some additional outfits with me, because Oliver, the photographer, said it could be usefull. He picked me up at the trainstation, we drove to his home, to sign the contract and put some additional make up on. He was very poltie and explained everything in detail to me. I'm not used to beeing threated like a girl or a lady or whatever, but I think, that it is the best way to approach a model, when she is new to all that stuff. It tooks the nervousness away, though I think he was a bit nervous too, he talked a lot. Maybe also, because I didn't said much? I don't know, but I'm also a good listener. ;-) I will see, in the future.

We drove to the little forest and started the shooting; first without much posing. We did some protrait shoots for warm up. Oliver had great ideas for photos. I tried my best to look good on the pictures and at the same time natural.

© Allsvartur
After a short time it became easiert not to focus on my face or look. And then I started to feel like a princess. The location was beautiful. The sun shone gently trough the tree tops and it was very quiet in the forest.
Many pictures were taken that day and a hugh amount of them is totally lovely. Except the ones on which I look bored, or stupid or whatever.

© Allsvartur

The second location was a little waterfall in the Maximillian Park in Hamm. The photos where also great, though I feel you could see, that I started to sweat a bit.

Overall it was a great experience and I got so many nice pictures. I learned that it is hart to have a real shooting but not a diffuclt as I imagined it to be.
I really like to have a shooting again.

© Allsvartur

 All the edited pictures you can see in his facebook gallery. And I also have many pretty pictures which I will upload eventually.


  1. Guten Tag!
    Ich habe deinen Blog durch deinen Forumseintrag auf Dunkelsüß gefunden und muss sagen, er gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich bleibe dir auf jeden fall als Leserin erhalten.


    1. Huhu,
      freut mich dass du hierher gefunden hast und es dir gefällt! :3 Momentan bin ich wie man sieht ja etwas hinterher, aber ich werden auf jeden Fall wieder Neues posten.