Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Just the weekend after the 2. Golden Rhenania, the Dokomi took place in Düsseldorf. It is an anime & manga convention with more than 10.000 visitors, many programm points, a huge shoppng area with commercial sellers and poeple that sell  their handmade stuff and many comic artists.
I went there mostly for shopping and meeting up with friends. I almost succeeded in meeting everyone I know who was there.
I bought some accessory and a cute casual and handmade dress from Li-Paro. I love the combination of pink, extremly cute and a touch of nerdy, because the top is made of a fabric with little pixeled ghosts on it. I will post some worn photos later.
And since I bought it, so many girls told me, that it's a beautiful dress. Worth it!

dress from Li-Paro. Pink, cute, nerdy
I also took derpy pictures that day. Sadly there are no single pictures that I like. My petti was too flat that day, because I had back problems and didn't dare to wear two pettis. Luckily the back pain didn't last long and didn't bothered me much during the whole day. Pain killers, yip yip!

On sunday I went to Dokomi with an old friend of mine that I know from school. It was so cool seeing her again and I am glad, that she enjoyed the day though she isn't into the anime&manga scene. So are we. I know less and less grils that still watch animes frequently. But we still love to got to the conventions, as there is so much to see and I still love cosplaying. Also the conventions are not only for animes but also japanese pop culture which includes Lolita.
Thank you for seeing you again guys. It was a funny weekend and the weather was nice, as always on the Dokomi weekend.

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