Friday, 12 February 2016

A whole new bunch of stuff

At the beginning of this year many lovers of lolita fashion started posting so called "wardrobe posts". These are pictures of which you can show off all your dresses, skirts, blouses, and other fashion stuff you have in your wardrobe. I'd like to make such a post. But as a friend of mine told me, it took her more than three hours to take the pictures and wasn't even finished with all her stuff yet, I knew that I don't have enough time at the moment to even start taking pictures. But I will try to take photos of new stuff. That's why I started today :)

My long awaited new lolita jacket finally arrived. Sadly tought it was reduced by 50% in the Innocent World winter sale, it got over the limit of 150 € for textiles and I had to pay 12% customs additionally to the 19% taxes. Though it was about 3 € too much. The exchange rate from yen to euro got better for the yen and worse for me.
But I really like it!

The jacket is made of wool and has a fluffy detachable fur collar. It also had bows on the pockets which I removed to be able to wear the jacket casually. But I will sew clasps pins on them so I can attach them to the jacket when I want it to be more cute.
I'm still a bit unsure about the colour. Though I really love the color to classic lolita stuff and lolita stuff in general, I have to get used to wearing a red jacket. Normally I wear colours like blue, green, black, grey, beige... Red is new for me ^_^
Only thing I have to complain about is that the sleeves are a bit to short for me. But the material is a bit streching so I think that it will be better after having worn it a few times. And I can also wear gloves that are long enough.
Overall I'm really happy to have bought it and can't wait to wear it with my lolita dresses.

But there's more!

Yesterday I also went to Roermond Outlet Center with my mom. It's about 1 hour away from my parents home. Its a shopping center where they are selling reduced brand stuff there. Normally the prices are only a bit lower than the orginal prices (about 10-20%) but when there's Sale things are on a whole new level!
From the outlet prices go off additional 40-70%. This way the brand stuff comes near the price range of H&M.
So I bought 2 pullover from Tommy Hilfiger for 19 € each, a Nike top for 15 € and GANT boots for 50 €. I really love all of these.
I think when winter suprisingly arrives again in Germany I will be ready! (except with the sports top) I can also imagine wearing the boots with lolita.

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