Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My short history of "lolita" fashion

Besides from normal fashion, I love dressing in lolita style. Lolita fashion has nothing to do with the idea of a young child, dressing as a woman or reversed. It's mostly called lolita because the japanese people liked the sound.
It's a japanese street fashion which is inspired by victorian children clothes and other fashion before 1960. Therefore it includes wide skirts, long enough to reach your knees, frills, lace, and cute acessoires. Nowerdays the dresses and skirts often have a print on them and therefore are themed.

I've been into lolita fashion since 2011. As I made bad experiences with ordering a dress in an online store earlier that year, I decieded to buy brand.
My first dress therefore was from "Metamorphose temps de fille". The blouse I got second hand (also Meta), the petti on "dawanda", but I had no shoes. So I just wore the ballerinas I had. Luckily I found tights that fit the outfit.
I was desperatly looking forwrad wearing it for the first time. My parents, especially my mum, didn't understand why I wanted to wear clothes that were diffrent. So I explained it to them. It was very helpfull that I read many texts from other lolitas online, so I knew  what to tell them.
I told them, that I liked the dress, that I wanted to wear it, because I think it is pretty and that I didn't care, what other thinks. I wanted to wear ist for myself.
Quickly my parents admitted, that it looked pretty and were even a bit pround, when I got compliments for my look.
This is a photo of my first photoshoot with my parents in Italy:

No shoes, petti showing, but feeling like a princess
I'm lying if I say, this was my frist lolita outfit ever. I tried once to use normal clothes for an outfit, but you wouldn't reconize that it was ment to be lolita.

Since then I experimented with lolita styles. First I wore cute dresses. Much frills, and dresses that were princesslike, since I noticed, that I feel a bit better in dresses that are more feminine and casually.
The style most of my dresses belong to is classic lolita. It's called like this because you can see a bit of the historical background in them, They have modest frills and lace. But somethimes I also feel like dressing more like a princess.

In comparismn I like to also post a picture from my last photo shoot in the snow:

 The dress is more historically inspired.

I mostly wear lolita for meet-ups where other girls (and boys) that also love and wear the fashion meet and visit places like museums or castles. Afterwards we normally have a bite at a restaurant or cafe.
In everyday life I rarely wear lolita as it is too much effort to get ready in the morning. I just wear it causally or on weekend, when I'm sitting around the house by myself. 

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