Saturday, 28 February 2015

La vie en rose Paris - Saturday

We got up early on saturday to have enough time to shower, dress up and get ready for the event. Everything went perfectly, till we went outside of our appartment. It was a beautiful moring and the sun was shining but the air was so wet. When we arrived at the metro most of our curls were gone.
Leo then later dared to ask whether we didn't wanted to do curls. But still, we looked very awesome that day. Just like everyone elese.
Obligatory selfie
We had VIP tickets as there was a viennoiserie buffet starting at 10. We hoped for more. There were only 4 kinds of pastries: croissants, some kind of milk roll, choclate rolls and "puddingschnecken". Most was sweet except of the croissants, there were great. So we ate us through the buffet, For vegans there were also fruits, three whole plates with apples, peras, grapes, strawberrys, oranges and eben a whole kiwi! Like we expected nobody ate that one.
To drink there was coffee and fresh orange or grapefruit juice. Unfortunately I noticed to late that I wanted a coffee and the orange juice was quickly gone when the event regulary started at 11. But it was really good.
With the VIP tickets we also got a small goodie bag. This was a jute bag in pink or dark pink, I got one in pink... but nervermind,with little gifts in it. There were postcards in it, a little heartshaped button with the eifel tower and the name of the event on it and a bow for the hair. My bow was a dusty pink while Natalies was beige. Just what we wanted!

The venue was in the basement of the hotel so there was no daylight which was a bit sad. There were many stalls with great clothes, acessoires and other stuff. But we quickly got through everything. Only the stall of the lolita shop in Utrecht got our attention more than one time as the continoisly added new stuff. I also saw a dress from summer tale botique which I really liked.
There were so many lolitas and mostly lolitas. The oraganizers came in diffrent styles and there were also one or two others not wearing lolita. But it was still great. Like I said, everyone looked so good that day. You could look around and never finish seeing stunning outfits.
Sure on those events everything could be a bit over the top. But the mix of every style was the best about the event.

The stage programm was  mainly Q&A panels and fashions shows. You could barely understand the Q&As as it was a bit too loud in the venue. So we skipped this programm and went for the bathroom.
Who thinks this was also boring, is wrong. It was awesome!
Each sink had it's own little mirror
We enetered a dream of gold, mirrors and marmor. The room was round with the sinks in the middel and around it mirrors everywhere. The toiletts were hidden in corners between the mirros and eben theirs doors where weakly mirrored. It was very confusing. But beautiful!
While Natalie did her hair, I had time for mirror selfies.
managed to get the angle right
My outfit this day

We later went to the the fashion show. It was cool to see the diffrent styles and interpretations of fashion. 
Later there was also a fashion show from tripple frotune and BBTSB and AatP. The tripple frotune part was pretty. But I don't know what they like about corsages. They are uncomfortable and nothing for everyday wear.
BBTSB and AatP was boring. You knew most of the design and the others weren't that impressive. 

Before the event closed there was a big raffle were you could win princes that were donated by diffrent brands. Therefore numbers were drawn that corresponded to the ticket number.
Valentine Tickets had a higher chanche to win. If somebody told me before, I would have gotten a valentines ticket.
We ended up winning nothing and some valentines two times. That was a bit disappointing. But nevermind. We still had fun at the event and I'm happy for all that got really excited about winning something.
The only thing that was annoying was that they called out the winning numbers frist in french then they tried it in English. You could barely understand the English. Sometimes there were several moments before they called it out in English. I understand some French but I don't understand numbers when someones yelling them really fast. And just because the event was in France doesn't mean everyone understands it perfectly. But they tried and in the end everyone understood what number it was.

After the event we wanted to go to the supermarket but were even more exhausted than the day before. As I layed down for a rest I just fell asleep. 
We got up later that evening far too late for the supermarket and watched French TV. 
One episode of the simpsons in Frech and afterwards an american "documentation" series about paranormal events and ghosts. During the second episode Natalie pointed out that the ghost may just didn't liked the new color of the wall. This was the point were we stared to joke around what it was like if every house had its own house ghost, You would have to ask your ghost in advance when you want to repaint the walls or buy new furniture. When friends come over you have to inform your house ghost first or when you move in with someone.
And what about the house ghost when your living in an appartment house? Does the ghost sit in the entrance hall watching everyone going in and out? What does he do all day? Calculating the water and electricity bills? 
Questions over questions. I will have to wirte a short story about it some day. That could be a really funny story.

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