Friday, 20 March 2015

Lolita-Shooting: Nordkirchen

Like I told you in my last post, I got stuck with Natalie before. It was at a meetup at castle Nordkirchen, which is called the Versailles of Westphalia.
Nordkirchen is a village north of the Ruhrgebiet. You can get there by train, but the castle is about 7 km away from the train station. We got there by bus, which wasn't a problem, as the bus waits for the train. We met up with the other Lolitas at the castle. 
Though the days before it had been raining a lot, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, but we thought something fishy was going on. We suspected that it was going to rain later that day.
The castle itself is really pretty from the outside and the garden is small but impressive, as you don't see french parks here a lot. Sadly the castle was bought by Nordrheinwestphalia in the early 20th century and converted into a buisiness school. Therefore the inside is rather renovated than what it used to be. In the rooms there are blackboards in front of the open fireplaces and it doesn't feel like you're in a castle. Some rooms are made to look old, though.
As we expected rain Natalie and I decieded after the guided tour through the castle to rather take pictures before sitting down and eat. So we headed to the park infront of the castle and had a really funny shoot. The pictures also turned out to be very good. Though it would have been better with professional photographer equiment like a better camera or a reflector.

 Just after Natalie shot this picture, she came up to tell me, theres a grandma in the background with an electric wheel chair. Brrrrrm. Also the one next to me is my new buddy ;-)

When we were finished, we sat down to eat something. The others had already finished eating. But we didn't want to hurry. We ordered something and chatted a bit. But when we look at the time, it was getting late. The busses in Nordkirchen don't run until the evening especially on weekends. But theres a bus that you must call and then it will pick you up at a certain bus stop.
We called the bus, but like I already said, this wasn't the end of the story. First we named a wrong bus stop, not the one we got out but the stop before that one, so we had to walk quiet a bit. Second: The waitress didn't hesitated to come to our table so we could pay. We waited over 15 minutes, before we just laid the money on the table and left.
Though we made our way to the bus stop fast, we missed the bus. The next one was sceduled to run 90 Minutes later. We didn't want to wait that long. We had been tired and exhausted from the day.
So we thought of diffrent ways to get to the train station.
First thought: taxi. It's the easiest way to go somewhere without busses. But not in the countryside!
The first taxi company we called told me, that their taxi was just on the way to Münster. Yes, their one and only taxi!
The second taxi company, which was locaed in the next village 15 km away from Nordkirchen. They wanted 25 Euro just for driving to Nordkirchen... That was way too much.
So we had to think of diffrent options: Hitchhiking!
We streched out out finger and tried to find someone who could take us with him.
It didn't work, so I said our only way was to walk to the train station. That wasn't easy in Lolita clothes and in Lolita shoes and it would have been quiet a long walk, if we didn't have the luck to find someone who picked us up after 500 meters.
It was an middleaged woman, who just came back from an art exhibition at the casle where she worked. She was really intereseted in our clothes and said it wasn't a problem to take us to the trainstation as it was on her way.
We thanked her a lot and she didn't even wanted some money afterwards. I have to thank her again for saving us from a long walk and beeing so kind.
We were at the train station too early but that we were there on time and got the next train home.
It was succesfull day. Not only we made cool photos, we also hitchhiked in Lolita clothing and saw a beautiful castle.

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